One upon a time there was a annoying egg and that egg hatched into a bird but that was not a real bird it was a egg and that egg hatched and it was a egg but then…

The  egg hatched into a egg that one strange egg but it finely hatched into a snake but that one night.The snake Evolved into a egg  and there egg has been rolling and hatching into other eggs then…

The egg fell of the cliff and it was falling and falling and then.

Thomas the dank engine saved the egg. The egg finally hatched and it was a baby version of Thomas and that baby said ” Are you may screwdriver?”

Thomas replied ” No but I am Thomas and I guess I am your dad.”

The baby Thomas said “No I am Thomas.”

The baby Thomas started to shake and said ” I am a chicken no  I am a baby bird a metal baby bird.”  The baby Thomas transformed into a metal egg and the egg wobbled and it hatched into a metal bird saying ” “I am Thomases son and my mum is a metal bird so I am Thomas junior the metal bird and I can transform into a egg so deal with it.”

Thomas said “Go son be the most annoying egg that ever existed and be the very best like no one ever was”

So the baby Thomas son sang “I want to be the very best like no egg ever was to annoy them is my real test to eggeround is my cause come with me lets egg the town there’s no better team  egg to egg will win the prank there no better team eggimon gotta egg’em all the story of a egg who pranks people every day.”

And that was the story about a egg who wanted to be the very best.

By egg master2017-Pokemon master 2017 So egg it all.