One Day there was dumb egg who lived in a cottage. His parents were away trying to find chicken to bring back home to eat. One day this stupid egg decided to go outside by himself he was only 9 so he was a bit dumb. His parents told him to stay inside but he said Yolo and went out, he walked outside into the deep, dark, grassy, field. He couldn’t see anything so he rolled back inside because it was to cold but THE DOOR WAS CLOSED! He tried head butting the door but he knew his shell would crack so he had one choice and it was to go out into the field he rolled and rolled until he reached a house with chicken all over it so he peeked his head out and ate all the chicken there was. A came out a man with a long beard, red hair and a chicken in his hand the egg wanted nothing to do with him so he rolled back to his cottage, he didn’t realise that the bearded man was following him taking steps by steps. He lead him straight into his cottage where the egg was doomed the man held a axe and in the other hand another piece of chicken. The egg finally noticed the man and saw the axe but the egg didn’t know why chicken was basically everywhere but then again he didn’t care and he screamed for his parents but the man said ” IT IS OVER FOR YOU!” But then OUTERNOWWHERE the eggs parents came a head butted him in the back like Bruce Lee so then man was knocked out and the egg family went inside. The eggs parents said ” I TOLD YOU NOT TO GO OUTSIDE DO YOU LISTEN TO ME beside that I did bring back chicken so lets eat some.”

The End

By Samuel